[CC/FULL] Princess Prosecutor EP10 (2/3) | 검사프린세스

Yes, thank you.
6549… Yuchul Park, you got caught. Yes, yes… Is your father’s
name Yuchul Park? Why doesn’t he
answer the phone? What? My father’s busy
catching a plane. He gave me this cell phone. Prosecutor Ma, Ms. Woo took
a vacation from her work. Yuchul Park said
he was leaving today. Then we should arrest him. Let me go and arrest him. Are you starting again? Since it’s not a dangerous arrest,
please let her go with us. What’s wrong with you? You know that I don’t like
people taking sides. I only understand how she
feels for her first arrest. How do you feel, Prosecutor Ma? I checked all the videotapes only
because I wanted to arrest them. They told me…
That I didn’t have evidence… Here’s the evidence you jerk. Isn’t this what you want to do? No, if I say that, the human
rights committee will punish me. I see.
Please be careful. What’s going on? Yuchul Park, we’re placing you under
arrest for the murder of Insuk Choi. What do you mean? You have the right to
have your attorney present. You may refuse to say anything
that will be used against you… Father. Don’t take my father with you. You have the right
to remain silent… Seungmi Woo… Isn’t this you?
Yuchul Park and Seungmi Woo? If you want to refuse, say no. You killed your wife for
the insurance money. And you were going to
abandon your children… I don’t want you to confess
and stay less days in jail… So I’m going to ask
you for the last time. How did you kill Insuk Choi? By injection. By injection? I had prepared the
poison 3 days before. Since she likes to drink
water when she wakes up…. I put the sleeping
pill in her water. One portion can kill a person,
however, I gave her 2 portions. She was already dead
when we left home. We took the way without
any security cameras. You ran over someone
who had already died, right? I didn’t directly kill her.
She injected poison. What? You did it, didn’t you? You asked me to do it, jerk. Hyeri Ma, come out
instead of crying. I need to use it, come out. Go ahead. Prosecutor Ma, why do you
like the bathroom so much? You cry, poop, and promise revenge
on your enemy in the bathroom… Then where do you
want me to cry? Why are you crying? How can I not cry? How can a human
being be like that? Follow me. Drink this and go home. You’re not meant to be prosecutor.
Why don’t you quit now? Do you know how many jerks
there are in this world? If you cry every time this
kind of thing happens, your eyelids will disappear and
you won’t be able to trust anyone. What about the children? I can’t live without my
mother even at my age. What if my father
killed my mother? Do you want to raise them? Do you know there’s
a public system for them? Yes. Call them and make
them help their children. We’ll do only what
we’re allowed to do. Prosecutor Yun,
Gong seems to have run away. His number is no longer in use. Why don’t you call his house? Good afternoon. This is the No. 311
Prosecutor’s office. Is Mr. Gong there? When? Where did he say he was going? He said he would leave
to make money… He must’ve told us that
he would come to us today to get the time to run away. What shall we do? Request a warrant for his search. Yes. Thus, Gong’s case is
ready to be indicted. Don’t forget the
statute of limitations. Dismissed. By the way, Prosecutor Ma,
I heard you got another case done. That’s right.
I forgot to tell you. – Since Prosecutor Ma has done…
– Right, then… Since you made it,
you should treat us. Didn’t you promise us? It’s not difficult to treat you,
however, how is your availability… Let’s do it today. I’m okay today. Me, too. I’m okay, too. Yes, since everyone is okay,
let’s go somewhere this afternoon… I heard you moved to a new place.
Do a housewarming. Housewarming? I’ve cooked ramyon just once. At least you’ve done it once. You don’t have to cook.
We can order food. We can just chat. Maybe we shouldn’t ask
her to do a housewarming. Wasn’t it your idea? Did you do it? We all know how hard the
first infamous crime case is. This is something we all
have gone through. You shouldn’t stay alone
on a day like this. Because it’s scary… You mean everyone
cares about me, right? It’s good for you to go
back home early by yourself. On a day like today, you shouldn’t let
anything bother your spirit. May I take care of the menu? Let’s finish today’s work a
little bit earlier than usual. Are you okay? Are you okay? Thank you. For what? For not having asked me
anything about it… I’m not your wife.
I don’t want to nag you. However, I was worried about you… I was afraid you lost
your presence of mind. This way please… I won’t say any courtesy words. It’s so colorful. Your house is very much like you.
So colorful… This reminds me of the time
my wife and I dated. When one is young, everyone
wishes to have a studio. Listen everyone, my balcony is
even better than a living room. Really? I’m hungry.
When will the food come? Everything is ready. Did you order black bean paste
noodles and orange chicken? Prosecutor Ma, what is all this? This is a wine party. Wine party? Haven’t you watched foreign films?
You can enjoy both food and wine. You can also chat while
enjoying the wine… Prosecutor Ma,
how much is this condo? I don’t know how much… Do you want me to ask my
mom how much it is? It’s good to chat… Let’s start the dinner,
Prosecutor Chae. Your balcony is even
larger than my house. By the way, when are we going
to have our cocktail bomb? I told you it’s a wine party. Wine parties help me forget
everything as you recommended… Since today is for you… It’s the first time in 10 years
that I’ve had wine. 10 years? Then, how did you celebrate your
wife’s birthday or anniversary? I don’t have a wife… – Where has she gone?
– I have never had a wife. You don’t know many things…
Our chief is single. You haven’t gotten married yet?
Why? He wasn’t able to… It’s not that he didn’t want to.
Even I got married… I know someone who’s
going to get remarried. Let’s drink this wine… Why aren’t you eating?
I ordered a lot. It’s not a quantity problem
but a quality problem. Why?
Isn’t it delicious? Give me some kimchi please. I don’t have any… I don’t eat kimchi very much… Do you want me to go and
buy some kimchi? The grocery store seems to
be pretty far from here… Can’t you ask your neighbor? How are you? How are you? What brings you here? I need to borrow something
from Lawyer Suh. Really? Inwoo is in the shower now.
What do you need? – Let me ask him…
– No thank you. It’s nothing.
It’s okay. Where is Lawyer Suh? I’m the one who skipped the workshop
and went to the launching show… What is going on? Hire a lawyer. Because I’ll sue you
for defamation. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to hurt her
or to love her either… Shower? Wasn’t she just his friend? Hyeri Ma and her colleagues seem
to get along with each other. At her house? I think it’s a housewarming. She’s enjoying time
with her colleagues. Really? You must’ve been hungry. Inwoo, you sent me home
first to buy this, right? Let’s go out. You should forgive me…
They don’t have kimchi… That’s why Japanese people claim
that kimchi is Japanese food. How can one not
have kimchi at home? Prosecutor Ma,
you have ramyon, don’t you? Yes, I think so.
I saw him buy some last time. Do you want to make ramyon
or go buy some kimchi? Kimchi.
I don’t like to be close to the fire. Okay, then, please buy
some soju and beers too. Yes. You don’t have money, right.
I’ll give you some money. I have money. I should’ve just ordered
some Chinese food… Why? Everyone except
2 seems to enjoy it. Do you like only
Korean food, too? That’s right.
This is it. You’re so moody and
picky about food. When are you going to fix it? When I go back to the states…
This place doesn’t have this… You really don’t like
Korean food? I’ve never tasted Korean food
my mother cooked for me. I was raised by
my American mother. This chicken soup, stew,
and pancake are my favorite foods. Let’s eat first…
You haven’t eaten anything yet. I feel so awkward to talk
about this on a day like today. I don’t care.

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