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Do you mean it wasn’t Sangtae Ma
who wanted to use your name? No, it wasn’t Sangtae Ma but
Mr. Song who used my name. Why did you mention
his name then? We’re from the same hometown. Even though he was very rich, he humiliated me when I asked
him for some money. Since I knew his daughter
was Prosecutor Ma, I was going to humiliate him.
That’s why I did it. Then, why did you change
your mind and tell us the truth? I thought about it and realized
you’d find the truth anyway. Then, why did you
lie at the beginning? I have a hot temper. Then, why did you exercise
the right of silence? What good is it to put the blame
on someone who’s already dead? I did get some money from him… When did he die? A year ago.
I attended even his funeral. Isn’t he trying to put the blame
elsewhere because he knows he died? We’ll be able to find out
the truth, however, it’s true that Kijun Song
took care of everything. Really? We checked it out. Prosecutor Yun, what
about Hyeri Ma’s father? Did you find anything
from the investigation? Let’s go. Prosecutor Yun,
Mr. Sangtae Ma is here. How are you?
I’m Prosecutor Saejun Yun. I’m Sangtae Ma. – Have a seat.
– Yes. Kijung used to work for me. Was he an accomplice
with Manchul in a crime? You didn’t know
anything about it? If I had known, would
I have stayed quiet? Actually, even if I knew, I wouldn’t have done
anything against them… By the way, why did
Manchul mention your name? I won’t justify myself. Hopefully, I won’t
dishonor my daughter. Please look into my
case very carefully. We’re doing our best. Hello. Yes, I see. Prosecutor Ma,
your father has just left. Really? Manchul Goh has reversed
his former confession. Since your father and Goh
didn’t exchange any money, there seems to be no connection between
these 2 men and Myungjin Constructions. It’s fortunate. Sangtae Ma went home
after the interrogation. They must feel relieved. Who? Both Sangtae Ma
and Hyeri Ma… How long has it been? – It’s so cute.
– It’s really cute. What about this? This seems to go well on you.
Isn’t it your birthday? Doesn’t this stand
out too much? What stands out
goes well on me. Are you that stylish?
A prosecutor? She’s so into it… I should’ve gone to the Prosecutors’
office and checked it myself. That’s why you didn’t even look
at that good looking lawyer? Yes? What is that photo? Why do you ask
me that question? Are you sure you didn’t
go there with Jungsun? Did she tell you that she’d
gone to the cherry blossoms? Then, what does that photo mean?
Do you think she went by herself? She may have gone
with someone else. Are you that dumb?
You don’t understand anything… What do you mean? It’s so frustrating.
She likes you. What? Do you think I’m
that insensitive? I’m like that. I’m okay as long
as you’re happy. Prosecutor Yun, I won’t be
able to carpool with you. Why? I’m going to go to the
gym from now on. Yes, this is Inwoo Suh. Please come out to the balcony. Hey, Lawyer Suh. My arms hurt. Hurry up. What are you doing now? I’m not creative, however, I’m only good at concentrating
all my energies on something. My arms hurt.
Hurry up or my bucket will drop. My mother told me that I shouldn’t
accept too much from someone. And in fact, you have
done too much for me. It’s heavy. I’m always grateful to you.
This is not a confession of love. Hyeri Ma, you… He’s not very polite… 6, 5…
4? We see each other so often… You don’t like it? You should at least tell me
if you like it or not. If you don’t like it,
let me exchange it for you. What do you mean? – Bracelet.
– Ah, that is… I’m sorry.
I didn’t look at it carefully. I have an appointment.
See you later. Why is her car still here? Hey, Prosecutor Yun. Good morning. If you came to pick Jungsun up,
you should go to Bin’s kindergarten. Bin’s kindergarten? I have a strain in my leg…
So, Jungsun took her there… Didn’t she tell you to
go over there to pick her up? No… She’s so dumb.
She was going to come back here. Why didn’t she take her car? Your daughter wanted to walk. Carry me on your back. Carry you on my back? Only that far, okay? Let me check how
heavy you are… My mother must’ve
fed you so well… How many years of imprisonment? I demanded life imprisonment
for both of them. Aren’t you too harsh? Too harsh? They killed a woman, a mother
of 2 children for money. And they killed her twice. I mean… I’m afraid the judge
won’t agree with you. I believe the judge will. It’s so burdensome to decide
someone else’s life. Victim’s support system? As you told me last time, there must be something we can
do for Insuk Choi’s children. Did you still remember that? My ability to remember
is not bad at all. There are many different programs
for the victim’s support systems. What do they need? Psychiatrist. Their grandmother is
taking care of them now, however, being under shock, they’re
not even able to eat anything. Then, let’s request those plans. Let’s do it right now. Prosecutor Jin, it’s a
suspect of housebreaking. The suspect’s mother wants to
get interrogated with the suspect? This is the case for
which you’re the victim. Are you in charge of this case? Myungsu Han,
you must not squat again. You shouldn’t even
think about eating, sleeping or washing in
someone else’s house. Personally,
I can’t understand why… However, if it’s the law,
I’ll try to respect it. What are you doing in the night
while the owner comes back home? I’m looking for a
job at a cybercafe. Look for a job
in the newspaper… He used to be a good student, however,
he hasn’t found a job yet… What is it? It’s money for the fine. This is what I make
collecting recyclables… I was going to buy him a suit…
Please take this as a fine. Please keep this for him. I can make him do
community service. Are you serious? He used to work on the
farm when he was little… Look who’s coming here. I heard that you
were a prosecutor. I’m from the class 1995
from Gongin University. – What class are you from?
– Insuk… How is your boyfriend doing? If you have a boyfriend,
I should’ve gone somewhere else. I’m pretty private. What?
Boyfriend? What’s wrong? You didn’t want to be
separated for a moment… He still has lost his mind… He’s naturally like this… Prosecutor Jin,
what’s going on? Let me ask you a question. How are you related
to Lawyer Suh? There is nothing between us. How are you related
to Prosecutor Yun? Why can’t you answer? I can’t define it exactly… However, why are you
asking me that question? It seems to be so weird… When I visited your condo,
why was Inwoo Suh there? Who are you in love with? What do you mean? If you’re not serious with
Prosecutor Yun, stop it. Don’t make him cry. – Excuse me?
– Don’t hurt him. I won’t forgive you. You speak so well
with me, however, why can’t you tell
Prosecutor Yun that you love him? Who said I couldn’t?
I just don’t want to… – Why not?
– That’s me. That’s love for me. Not saying you
love him is love? I’m afraid he will
feel uncomfortable. And I’m afraid of rejection… If you really love someone,
it’s not easy to say. I thought you really loved him. I thought since you loved him so much
that you were not able to hold back… I really love him. I didn’t think Prosecutor Yun
was ready yet… That’s why I waited. Everyone loves only
in their own way. Just because he held your hand
doesn’t mean he loves you.

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