Guests:Tak Jaehun,Lee Jihye,Gugudan’s Nayoung&Sejeong,Lee Kyubok[Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.07.30]

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National Competition on Worries! Here are today’s guests. Tak Jaehun. Hello. gugudan’s Sejeong and Nayoung. She’s a happy soon-to-be mother. She is currently 5 months pregnant. Lee Jihye. Congratulations. “My Golden Life” got high viewer ratings. and starred him, Lee Kyubok. Hello. (Nice to meet you) I’m sure some of you remember. Hello Counselor has been on for years now. We actually started this program… With Tak Jaehun. This show is lasting very long. You didn’t think it would last and you quit. Are you regretting it? I thought about quitting a few times. Then I was asked to be on another program. You made that promise in advance. That program ended very quickly. You’ve known Lee Jihye for years now, right? I’ve known her since she was very young. I still can’t believe that she’s married and pregnant. – Is there a baby inside? / – Yes. We can’t really tell. I’m covering my belly up with my clothes. I should buy those clothes, too. You want them? I will give them to you. Why would you need maternity clothes? My body shows no matter what I wear. Last time she was here, she gave good advice. Why didn’t you wear those glasses today? She got the nickname “Dr. Sejeong.” Can I be happy if I sing, but don’t earn any money? I think you should plan how to study like that. “Kim Sejeong’s Dreams of Teenagers” on EBS. We enjoyed your lecture. (Look forward to Dr. Sejeong’s achievements today) You formed a unit with another member, right? – With Mina. / – Right? You seem to stick to the script too well. That’s how we do it. (Oh!) They don’t allow any ad libs. We’re on a tight schedule. Sticking to the script is how we lasted 8 years. That’s the secret to doing this for years. (Let’s listen to their song!) (“SEMINA” by Gugudan’s SEMINA) (Strutting their refreshing charm) (In love 1, In love 2, In love 3) (Refreshing and cheerful) (Look at them!) (They’re the best) (Catering to everyone’s taste) That was great. He may seem unfamiliar to many people. He seems to look quite confused. He’s sitting here like he’s in the audience. He doesn’t know how to react. Everyone’s laughing and talking naturally while listening to others talk, but he’s like… It’s his first time on an entertainment show. (Kyubok looks awkward on his first appearance) (Giggling) (Why can’t you laugh?) (Even when girl group members dance) (So serious) You don’t know how to react? (Awkward) No, I’m… (So funny) Smile. I’m not accustomed to being here yet. It was fun to see your bromance with Park Sihoo on “My Golden Life” as a secretary. Are you still close friends with Sihoo? Yes… Well… I think so. Why are you so wary? – Do you know his number? / – Yes. You know his number. Do you text each other at times? He buys me meals at times. When did you last contact or meet him? About a week ago. Then they are very close. Did you talk on the phone or did you see him? – He called me. / – What did he say? Keep talking. He’s only giving short answers to your questions. We see each other often. He called me a week ago to ask me what I’m up to. We talked on the phone for about an hour. An hour? You really are close. That was a great method though. People got curious because he answered briefly. It’s great to take the leadership. He’s a funny guy. (He’s charming) Let’s see what concerns we have today. “My Rabbit-like Child.” “Relieve My Grudge!” “A Girl in a Crisis.” “My Rabbit-like Child.” Hello. I’m a mom in my 40s with 3 kids. My kids are in middle and high school, so I thought I could rest now. But a year ago, I was struck by catastrophe. Her eldest daughter. As soon as she comes home… “Mom! This is Andre. He’s our youngest family member now.” Andre, whom my 19-year-old daughter brought, has a white face with big eyes and chubby hands. He’s a rabbit. – It’s a real rabbit? / – A real rabbit. This Andre is driving me crazy. “I got fur all over my clothes. Try to get it off with this tape!” “Mom, my throat hurts from all this fur! Ah! I stepped on poop again.” “Mom. Andre chewed on the air conditioner cable. Even a hair dryer!” That’s dangerous. My daughter insists on keeping Andre in the room, so our house is a big mess with rabbit fur, rabbit poop and chewed cables. That’s not all. “Daughter. Clean up Andre’s poop.” “Yup.” “Sweep up his hair, too!” “Yup.” All she does is say okay and then I end up cleaning up after Andre. “I can’t handle it anymore. Why don’t we send Andre to a better home?” “No way! Andre is my brother. If he dies, I’ll die with him.” My stubborn daughter won’t listen to me. How can I end this war against the rabbit? This is her concern. Have you ever had a pet? Not myself, but my cousin actually raised a rabbit for 12 years and it died very recently. Really? So I know a lot about rabbits. – You’re the rabbit expert. / – No, not that far. Let’s meet this mother and hear her out. Please come on out. (There have been so many concerns about animals!) (This time, it’s a rabbit) (I’m an expert on animals!) (Who’s concerned about her daughter and rabbit?) (Kim Hyeseon) Welcome. So the rabbit’s name is Andre? Yes, Andre. Is there a reason for naming him that? I don’t know the reason. A stationery store does paper raffles. My daughter won a rabbit and brought him home. (They do that?) The rabbit was so cute at first. – When he was small? / – Yes. She is in love with the rabbit. Maybe the stationery store owner didn’t want it, so he wrote “rabbit” on every single paper. Anyone and everyone who draws it… The daughter fell for it. When she comes home, instead of greeting us, she goes to her rabbit first. – She loves him. / – That’s all she cares about. She takes the rabbit and goes into her room. She stays in the room even on hot days? Yes. At first, we kept him out in the balcony. But in the winter, it’s too cold and in the summer, there are too many mosquitoes. So she keeps bringing him inside the house. So it’s fine as long as he stays on the balcony? Yes, for now. You just want her to get rid of the rabbit, huh? (Could you tell?) It’s tough because I work and then I have to clean the house. But my daughter doesn’t clean up at all. I’ll find a fistful of rabbit fur around the house. They shed so much. Do rabbits shed that much? – Between seasons they do. / – Yes. Our laundry has white fur all over it. So every time I fold laundry, I have to remove fur with tape. The rabbit also chewed on charging cables, internet cables and air conditioner cable. That’s so dangerous. He even chewed on a hair dryer cable. My daughter grabbed it and got shocked. (That was a close call!) Rabbits don’t get electrocuted? That’s why we… (Like this!) Then he wouldn’t chew on it anymore. We’re also worried about the rabbit. So you do worry about him. Because it’s a live animal. – And your daughter loves him. / – Yes. You said you have three kids. Are the other kids okay with the rabbit? They all have atopic dermatitis. Since my eldest daughter loves the rabbit, she wears a surgical mask… A mask? Yes, and my younger daughter has atopic dermatitis, and she has a rash on her thighs. (That’s a concern…) We asked for pictures of the house. (Chewed up cables) – That’s dangerous. / – That’s dangerous. They are all exposed. Oh my. (Ripped wallpaper) He chews up wallpaper, too? You didn’t say that. He even chewed up wallpaper. – He even chews up wallpaper? / – Yes. Oh my. – That’s rabbit poop, right? / – Rabbit poop. They can be contained if the rabbit is in a cage. This is quite serious. He stays in your eldest daughter’s room? Rabbit poop is all over the floor when she sleeps? (Her daughter is wearing a mask) That pee pad looks very dirty, too. (This is how we live) Let’s meet her 19-year-old daughter who loves Andre very much. Hello. (Who’s the daughter that’s in love with Andre?) You look nice, but selfish. Do you understand your mother’s concern? Rabbits are like hamsters and chicks. That’s why I brought him home. I don’t understand her concern. You promised to keep him in the balcony at first. But if I keep him in the balcony, in the fall, temperatures drop drastically. One morning, it was cold and I saw him sneezing. A rabbit can die from catching a cold. We live on the 1st floor, so there are many bugs. I was worried that bugs might bite him. He’s like family to me, so I brought him into my room. Kyubok, why don’t you ask a question? Okay. (Finally!) (His first question on an entertainment program!) (What will he ask?) What question do you want me to… (Entertainment experts have a fit of laughter) Ask anything you can think of. He’s asking you what you want to be asked. Tell us what you want to be asked. You’ve been listening to everything, right? Yes, but I am not curious about anything yet. Can I ask later when I think of something? He’s an honest actor. Listen to it a bit longer and ask a question when you think of one. You may be happy to be with the rabbit, but your mom is suffering from the mess. She used to clean up after him before. But I do it now that he’s living in my room. In the end, it’s my room that’s messy. It didn’t look so clean in the picture earlier. There was poop above your head. (Boo hoo) The rabbit chewed up all the cables. It looks so dangerous. So I keep all cables on the desk now. What about the air conditioner? Air conditioner… My family… Even when we would turn it on, mom would tell us to turn it off after 3 minutes. We never really used that air conditioner. Now that the rabbit has chewed up on the cable, she wants to turn it on. So you made the rabbit chew on the cable then. You’re lenient on what the rabbit does. But you got shocked by a hair dryer. I was shocked when I plugged it in. That’s dangerous. It only stung a little. So I just wrapped the cable with tape. She’s a very positive person. (She’s frustrated) If you have to wear a mask at home, you must be suffering, too. I normally catch colds easily, so my throat hurts when he sheds a lot. But if I can be happy with him by wearing a mask and a scarf, I’m willing to do it. But you… You thought of a question to ask, Kyubok? (He finally opens his mouth) You have a question! (Lee Kyubok asks his first question) He’s curious about something. You have to wear a mask at home. Your sister is suffering from atopic dermatitis. Aren’t you being too inconsiderate? She’s not suffering from it because of Andre. She’s has that for 17 years since she was born. It has nothing to do with Andre. Andre could’ve made it worse. No, it hasn’t worsened. She’s always had it. I know. Kyubok, she says it didn’t get worse. Why don’t you apologize to her? I’m sorry. He’s the star today. We asked her to bring Andre here today. (How cute!) He’s very sensitive to noise. He gets scared. We have to stay quiet. (Here comes Andre) Have a seat over here. Look at his big eyes. Oh my. His eyes are so big. (Big and cute) He is cute. I’m impressed that she raised him so well. What is Andre’s charm? If you look at him… (My brother Andre) (Wiggles his nose when he’s happy) (I may be shy despite my big body) (But I’m quite energetic once I get to know you) He has long hair that comes out like this. Do you see it? (His hair comes down to the front) Do you remember Moon Heejun’s hair from H.O.T? He’s so cute. I call it the Moon Heejun style. When I give him food, he runs towards me. It’s so cute. He licks me, too. (Not happy) Does he recognize you? He won’t stay away from her. He’ll stay put even when he’s far away from me. (Push) (Staying still) (I’m always very quiet) Andre. Andre. (Testing how close he is with the daughter!) (Will he go to his owner?) There he goes! (Andre is on the move!) (Is it Sejeong?) (Is he going to Sejeong?) (Where are you going?) Is he going to Sejeong? (“Animal Farm” emcee wants to join in) (Where is he headed to?) He recognizes his owner. Look! (To his owner) (But!) (What?) (Going towards his owner…) (Then he turns right) (I’m on an entertainment program) What is his favorite food? (He goes towards Dongyeob) Yes, I’m the host of “Animal Farm.” (I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time) He went to Shin Dongyeob. What’s his favorite food? He usually eats dry grass. Hay. Or rabbit feed. He also likes fruit, so that’s what I feed him. Oh my! Isn’t this for us to eat? Oh my! Isn’t this for us to eat? (Hang on, Yeongja) We got hay, rabbit feed and fruit. – What does he like? / – He’s eating the apple. It’s such a big piece. Look at him! He’s so cute! (Yum yum) Isn’t it amazing? What about carrots? (Second dish: Carrot) He’s ignoring the carrot. He’s ignoring the carrot. In fairy tales, rabbits like carrots, right? He won’t eat the carrot. He likes grapes, too? He likes grapes, too? Did you grab it so that you can eat it? If he’s not going to eat it, then… Let’s try giving hay to him. (Third dish: Hay) (I don’t want it) He’s been raised in a house. A banana. (Fourth dish: Banana) Oh my! (Bananas are my favorite) He snatched it from me. Oh my! Look at him! He’s eating so well. (“Andre’s Eating Show” begins now!) (She is in love with Andre) He doesn’t seem to shed much, but I guess he does. – Hop, hop. / – How amazing. (Hopping away to digest the food) How amazing. Oh my. (Thank you for the meal) He’s so cute. If he poops, our ratings would go up a bit. I hope he poops. Look at him. (The only one who isn’t smiling) Is Andre cute in your eyes? Yes, he is cute. But my daughter becomes so sensitive when it comes to the rabbit. So I can’t consider the rabbit to be cute. When her dad complains of the loose fur, she yells at him. She gets mad at us for not being understanding. She yells at you? She yells and talks back to us. – Hey. / – Yes? Isn’t it wrong to yell at your parents and glare at them because of Andre? I don’t do that. I just complain a little. (Then it wouldn’t be so concerning) Our younger daughter. Do you argue with your sister a lot over the rabbit? I think she’s lost her mind. Why do you say that? She loves Andre so much that it’s inconvenient. When she sleeps over at her friend’s house she calls me at night and asks to video call with Andre. (What?) She won’t let me sleep, so we always argue. When we’re in the room together she orders me around like Andre’s butler. She orders me to clean the room or get water for Andre or clean up his poop. His poop smells so bad and I can’t stand it. (It’s a concern) You once got mad because of Andre? I’m NCT’s fan and Andre chewed up my NCT poster. He chewed up 10 headphones, too. He even chewed up my jacket, so I got mad. My sister yelled at me for yelling at Andre. – She yelled at you? / – It was so unfair. She even put rabbit poop in my pencil case. (She put rabbit poop in her pencil case) (She’s causing so much trouble) What does that mean? Rabbit poop doesn’t smell at all. I’m used to it now. I can even touch it. But why did you put it in her pencil case? Kids hate it when it comes to poop. So I would joke around and hold it in front of them. Then they get grossed out. I was just fooling around. Andre chewed up your sister’s NCT poster. Why did you get mad at her? Andre chews on everything. We all leave our stuff on top of things. But she always leaves her things on the floor. She should take better care of her things. He wouldn’t understand even if she yells at him. But she keeps cussing and yelling at him. So you’re saying that it’s her fault. My sister and I both have the same NCT posters. I took good care of mine. Mine is fine. She just left hers on the floor. Then why don’t you give yours to her? Yes. That would solve the problem. (She isn’t responsible like that) Let’s talk to the younger brother now. Does your sister order you around? She tells me to feed him or give him water. I put it off and she yells at me for not doing it. She once pulled my hair. She pulled on hair? One time, I accidentally kicked Andre and my sister saw me. She hit me on the back of my neck with her hand. – With her hand? / – Like this? Like this? You must be the one with the biggest concern. Here’s the true victim. (We’re all victims!) My sister sometimes leaves school early to see Andre. She leaves school early? To see her rabbit? I don’t get to see him much during the day. I didn’t leave school early. I just came home a little earlier than usual. What? I have no choice. He’s all I can think about. So that’s why I come home early. Maybe you’re just using him as an excuse. You hopped out of school to see your rabbit? (How corny) (That gave me chills) I’ve been looking for the right timing to say it. I was thinking of making that joke, too. I’m glad I didn’t make the joke. You skipped school at times, too, right? No, I never skipped school. What about private classes after school? Well… – She did. / – She must have. What do you think of this? She’s our first child, so I didn’t know how to raise her. You’ve been lenient on her? Yes, so she grew up to be selfish. When do you think she’s most selfish? When she thinks she’s right, she never changes her mind. When we eat out, she insists on choosing what we eat. – She does? / – Yes. She used to attend arts high school and then she dropped out. Why? She didn’t want to spend so much time at school. So she’s studying for her GED. She needs to study, but she’s busy with her rabbit, – so we’re… / – You’re worried. (What should I do with my daughter?) (Gee…) What is it that you want from your daughter? I want her to leave Andre in the balcony. Andre in the balcony. I also want her to focus on studying for the exam. Can you keep Andre in the balcony as your mom wishes? I don’t know. You should compromise that much. You’re missing something though. I’ve been hosting an the animal program for years. Many times, what the owner does for their pet was actually making the pet suffer. For Andre? How would you feel if Andre is suffering because he’s staying in the room with you? What if you’re doing something that he hates? Right? You’d be sad, right? So I will ask you some questions to see how much you know about rabbits. (Quiz: All about rabbits) What’s the right temperature for a rabbit? You can find it on the internet very easily. An owner would know that. She loves him so much. – I’m sure she knows the answer. / – Sure. How many hours of exercise does a rabbit need daily? Two hours? Right? – Nope. / – She got all of them wrong. In order to keep a rabbit in a house, you must maintain 25 degrees Celsius in the room. Keeping a rabbit in an unventilated room could be bad, too. A rabbit needs 4 hours of exercise per day so it’s better for him to be in a larger space. Why don’t you want him in the balcony? There are so many bugs in the balcony. Rabbits aren’t susceptible to heartworms. He’s safe. Rabbits are more immune to bugs than dogs are. But you will have a lot more work to do if you keep him in the balcony. You must keep the right temperature in the balcony and keep it a safe environment for him. But it’ll be more beneficial for Andre. My cousin raised her rabbit in the balcony for 12 years. Keeping him in the balcony isn’t as dangerous as you think and it has more benefits for him. (Keep him in the balcony for Andre’s sake!) Let’s start with you, Kyubok. I think it’s a concern. It’s a concern for the mother. I think it’s a concern, too. It’s a matter of being responsible. You must take responsibility for Andre. You must study if you dropped out of school. It’s a concern for mom. Press the button if you think it’s a concern. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. Please say a word to your mother. Mom. I didn’t know you were so worried about me. Oh my gosh… She feels really bad. She loves her parents. She cares about her parents, too. – Why are you crying? / – Tell us. She didn’t want to hurt her family. You knew this all along, right? Yes, but I didn’t know the balcony was better for Andre. Your mom wants you to keep Andre in the balcony. Answer her. I’m sorry, Mom. I’ll work harder from now on. I’ll keep him in the balcony. Please show us how many votes they got. What’s the result? They got over 100 votes. 137? (They got 137 votes) (Warm applause!) This one is titled, “Relieve My Grudge!” I have a role for you. Be confident. The husband is a bit curt. – Me? / – Yes. All right. Hello. I’m a woman in my fifties from Seoul. I am here today thinking that I could end my marriage of 29 years. I have been terribly heartbroken by my own husband. The door opens. Ring. “Honey, you’re home.” Her husband. (Let’s see) There’s just an ellipses. It’s the hardest thing to act. – You want me to do this? / – Yes. You have no lines but you must express it. “You’re home, honey.” Here we go. (Acting his best) “It was hot today, right? Honey, how was work?” It’s another ellipses… (The end of acting curt) Yes. My husband never says anything. He has always treated me as if I don’t exist. He is a quiet person. He’s so cold and quiet. “Oh, my head. Honey. I feel ill. Can I have $3 to buy medicine? Honey…” I don’t have it. When I am sick, he won’t even give me $3. But… “Hey, sis! You’re moving? Okay. I’ll wire it right now.” He wired $1,000 when his sister needed money. When he said he doesn’t have $3? One time, I was driving and he was next to me. We got in a car accident. “Hey! I had my signal on.” “What? You crossed the lane first.” “Hey! I… Honey! You talk to him. Listen to him.” “It was your fault. What’s wrong with you? Apologize to him.” My husband has never taken my side. Please help me relieve my grudge of 29 years. This is the concern she sent us. How is your husband, Jihye? My husband thinks what I say is the law. (How sweet) I’m sorry. If you’re so happy, why are you here today? Are you here to get the audience’s love, too? Kyubok, I’m very curious. What are you thinking about? (Guilty) (He’s a rookie who spaces out at times) I was reminded of my father when I heard this. Your father is a man of few words, too? Yes. When my friends came over and I said, “My friend is here,” he went… (Bye) He would just look and walk away. I was stressed out a lot because of that. I still don’t know why he did that. Let’s bring her out now. Please come on out. (Who has a grudge against her husband?) (Lee Insuk) (Depressed) She looks so serious from the start that I don’t know what to say to her. Tak Jaehun played the role of your husband. Is your husband more curt than that? Or was Tak Jaehun more curt? My husband is more curt. Tell us how curt and indifferent he is. I think you’re more curt. (Perplexed) Hold on. It’s going to be a long day. We’ve been married for 29 years, but he still doesn’t know when my birthday is. He doesn’t know when our anniversary is. Our kids told him when my birthday is, but… – He’s indifferent? / – He just doesn’t care. (That’s terrible) I got in a car accident and got hurt. I was hospitalized for a week, but he never came to see me. (Shocked) That’s terrible. I had a stomachache and asked him to get me medicine. (She can’t help but sigh) He said, “Are you a doctor? Go see a doctor. Don’t ask me to get drugs.” He wouldn’t even give me $3 for the medicine, so I bought it myself. But he wired $1,000 to his sister? His sister called him to say that she’s moving and he wired her $1,000 right away. But he didn’t even give $3 to you. (You think it’s a waste to give me $3?) When he comes home, you speak sweetly to him? “Honey, you’re home?” “It was cold today. How was work?” He said, “It wasn’t cold!” What more can I say to him? How is he with other people then? Is he kind to other people? He’s very kind to other people. We go to church. At church, he does the dishes, talks to others and does volunteer work. He is very kind and generous to strangers. But not to me. He never buys me things. So he always speaks negatively to you? Yes. Then tell him, “Honey, let’s go to church.” “No church! We have to go to a temple!” He doesn’t say that? (No reaction) Dongyeob, you must be embarrassed. You made a joke. I wanted her to smile. She could’ve laughed, but she didn’t. Ma’am. Just the look she had… She has so much anger piled up in her. Did you wrong your husband somehow? No. What do you mean no? I didn’t! (Stop joking around) She smiled. She smiled! (Smile) (She finally smiled) She smiled! She smiled! (Taekyun made her smile) Shin Dongyeob, you failed. Failed. You did it! When you got in a car accident, he didn’t take your side? The car made a turn without turning on his signal. So I got hurt. Instead of asking, “Did you get hurt?” he said, “It’s all your fault!” And he wanted me to apologize to him. Just out of the blue? – In front of the other driver? / – Yes. That’s quite upsetting. Rather than saying who’s right or wrong… “You must’ve been surprised. It’s okay.” It would’ve been nice to say that instead. If he apologized for you, then you wouldn’t have been so upset, right? (This is why I have such a huge grudge) It sounds like there are many other cases when he took other people’s sides. Here’s another example. In our alley… Yes. When you think back on what grudge you have… Anger! Anger! Think about it. There’s a stationery store on the corner. A mailbox was located right in front of it. My car got scratched every time I turned. Other people got their cars scratched, too. So I reported it and it all worked out. But my husband said to me, “You embarrass me. Why did you report it?” So I explained to him. “I had no other choice. It was an inconvenience to other people, too. I didn’t hurt anyone else in the process.” He should’ve taken my side, but he kept taking other people’s side. Then is he at least sweet – to your kids? / – No. Kids run up to their dad when he comes home. He says, “Go away! I’m tired!” So my kids were heartbroken many times. That’s why my kids told me to divorce my husband. That must’ve been upsetting to you. Yes. Did your kids raise a rabbit when they were young? No. (Unexpected jab at her) Can you show the two of us on the screen? Can you see that her body is turned towards me? Her husband is sitting to her right. She doesn’t want to look at her husband because it makes her mad. Her husband isn’t looking at her either. He’s frowning. (Where did we go wrong?) Let’s meet her husband. What do you call him? (What does she call him?) “Hey, pig!” (A pig?) (Where is the pig?) (Bursts into laughter) She smiled. She smiled. (Good job, Yeongja) Hey, pig. She calls him “Pig.” Piggy, where are you? Mr. Pig. Nice to meet you. Is everything she said true? Yes. I am indifferent to my wife. You should be good to her. She’s your beloved wife. How can you say that with a smile? Why are you so indifferent to your one and only wife? She’s so pessimistic when she talks. He has a grudge, too. Has she upset you in some ways? Be honest. I cook my own breakfast and dinner. When I ask her to cook for me, she says, “Do you not have hands? Why can’t you cook for yourself?” That still upsets me. When she said that to you, she must’ve had her reasons, too. I said that because he was indifferent to me when I was sick. See? When I was in the hospital… She’s upset, too. Like she said earlier, she was hospitalized for a week because of a car accident. You really didn’t go see her? I think I was too busy with work. You could’ve taken some time off to see her at least once. She was hurt. The hospital would take good care of her anyway. It was too hard to go see her and go to work. Pardon me for asking, but what do you do? I’m a mailman. – I see. / – Oh, a mailman. He makes deliveries. You could’ve gone, but you just didn’t want to. Right. Do you know when her birthday is, but haven’t cared to tell her? I know it roughly. (How can you know it roughly?) What do you mean by you know it roughly? When is her birthday? I think it’s May 4. Is he correct? No. It’s May 3. (He’s off by one day!) He really does know it roughly. He knows it roughly. You were a day off. Do you know when your anniversary is? Roughly? I think it’s around March 23. Is he right? Is he right? It’s March 24. (He’s off by a day again!) He does know it roughly. He could get it right if he wanted to. Is he playing hard to get on purpose? He is off by just one day. He never knows the exact dates. Let me ask you instead. Do you know when his birthday is? October 16. Is she right? Yes. She knows the exact date. My husband has a liver problem, – so I went to catch marsh snails. / – That’s hard. It’s cold in the water in November. Sure. I have to catch 10kg of snails to get extract. So I had to go 5-6 times to catch 10kg of marsh snails. I nearly died from a cold. In November. He could’ve thanked me for doing that, but he never did. – Did he drink the extract? / – He did. – He drank it all? / – Yes. Sir. I took for granted that she did that for me. Going to catch marsh snails 5-6 times in November is something to take for granted? Then why didn’t you do anything for her birthday? I’m not good at expressing my feelings. But she said that you’re good to other people. You even do volunteer work at church. It’s not volunteer work. I’m a deacon at church so I have to do it. So you’re kind to others at church because of your position at church? Yes. I can’t neglect the duties of my job. (He’s not doing his task as a husband) But she says you side with strangers more. Right. Tell us about the mailbox. Somebody else could’ve reported it. I asked her why she was the one to do it. – “Why did she report it herself?” / – Right. I work at the post office, so what would my colleagues think if they found out? I have a bad reputation in my neighborhood. She always steps up and does things. What else was there? There was a sewer construction by our house. The cement water got all over our vegetables. Got all over? So some of our vegetables died. My wife wanted to report it to the police. She always wants to report things to the police. Do you call the police often? Yes. I do it because when I see something is wrong… – You can’t help it? / – No. It’s not that what she did was wrong. You just have different personalities. Right. Your kids must have something to say, too. Let’s meet them. Hello. Hello. In your opinion, whose concern is this? My mom’s. When I was young, he never spent time with me. When I asked him to hold me, he said, “Go away.” – You never felt loved by your father? / – Yes. You must’ve been curious why your dad treated you that way. You must’ve had many concerns, too. She is very upset by her father, too. Let me ask you. Why don’t you tell us how your father upset you? Okay. When I was in 4th grade, I had an appendectomy. (In tears) Both the mom and daughter have grudges. She is so upset with Dad. I don’t understand. When your children asked you to hold them, you told them to go away? Well, I don’t hate them. They’re my kids. He doesn’t speak nicely. How can you say you “don’t hate them”? It’s because he’s too shy. I think he’s been pretending to be a bad boy to his wife for the past 29 years. You stopped crying now. Why don’t you tell us? You have to get everything out today. When I was in 4th grade, I had an appendectomy. I was hospitalized for a week and he never came. He never asked me if I was okay. Did you ask him why he never came to see you? – You didn’t, right? / – No. You just ignored it? I thought it could hurt both of our feelings. You just endured it. See? If one person starts to shut someone out, they just stop speaking for years. And they misunderstand each other. Do you talk to your father often? We don’t talk much. He mostly talks to grandma. Your dad? You’ve lived with his mother for 29 years? Yes, for 29 years… We live on separate floors now. He always goes to his mother first. When he gets home from work? He’s supposed to talk to me about things. But he always talks to his mother first and just notifies me later. My mother listens to me without judging me. If I talk to my wife, she starts nagging at me about every little detail. But didn’t you two talk to each other a lot when you two dated? We met through a matchmaker. I chose to marry her because… I went on 30 blind dates before I met her. It was 50 times, not 30. You went on 50 blind dates. How does the daughter know? She wasn’t even born then. Most women don’t want to live with their in-laws. When I told her, she said she’d live with my mom. I didn’t marry her because I love her. I… How could you say that? Wait. Hold on, everyone. (How could he say such a thing?) (Oh, my wretched fate) Even if that’s true, you should be grateful and apologetic to her for that. So you should see her as lovely for doing so. But, you see… When I do something wrong, she doesn’t blame me for it. She says, “Did your mom teach you that?” She’s so pessimistic about everything. She said that his mom taught him wrong. So she said that your mom taught you wrong? Right. My father passed away when I was 3. My mom worked hard to raise the three of us. So I got very upset. Ma’am. How could you say that to him? Ma’am! Ma’am! I wouldn’t say it if he didn’t do anything wrong. But he keeps giving me a reason to. – Who? / – My husband. Even so, badmouthing a spouse’s parents is something that’s just off-limits. It’s because… It’s because… We had a small lot in Jangwi-dong. I suggested that we sell it and he agreed. So we sold it and moved. Then he cussed at me and said, “You sold that on your own.” – Who? Your husband? / – Yes. He cussed at you? Yes. Was that the only time? He always cusses at me. Why did you cuss at her, sir? Well, I don’t remember saying that. (How frustrating) I don’t remember cussing at her. But I do cuss at times when we argue. Do you cuss because she cusses at you? Or are you the only who cusses at her? I do it first and she cusses back. (This is so difficult) (Sigh) If this were a recent problem, I’d say what’s right and what’s wrong. But it’s been 29 years. We don’t know who did wrong first. You gave us a difficult task. You know that, right? This is hard. Let’s try to unravel this little by little. (Will they be able to knock down this wall?) What do you think, son? From elementary school to college, he never came to my entrance or graduation ceremonies. Maybe it’s because he never knew the dates. On weekends when he has his days off, he just leaves the house by himself. He never tells us where he’s going. He doesn’t talk to us, so it’s frustrating. Did you ever try to talk to him to resolve this issue? Man to man? I suggested we have a drink together many times. – So the two of us talked. / – That’s good. He said, “Why aren’t you taking my side?” I try to explain, but he never listens. At the end of the worship, we all hold hands together. I’ve never seen the two of them hold hands ever. So I tried many times to get them to hold hands, but they just pulled away from me. I’m sure they didn’t pull away at the same time. I’m sure one of them did that first and the other one did as well. If he holds your hand… Are you willing to hold his hand? Will you hold his hand no matter what? – I’m willing to hold hands. / – Why? Even though you hate him so much? But we have kids together. I’d do anything for our kids. (Upset) What I’m most curious about is… What? Kyubok. When he says he’s curious, he really means it. He sighed about 200 times already. You may act indifferent and be curt, but you’re a family. You must care for them. But hearing you talk, you sound like you don’t care about them at all. Do you not care about them? Well… Okay. It sounds like you concluded that he doesn’t care. (Entertainment programs are tough…) Sir, the way you talk, it sounds like you are upset with your children, too. Why don’t you get it all out? Yes. My wife treats me badly, so my kids seem to belittle me, too. That’s upsetting. Is that why you leave without telling them? Sure. I want to rest after work, but I feel as though they leave me out. When you’re at home? (If you were nice, the kids wouldn’t be like that!) It’s so frustrating. I really want this issue to be resolved somehow. – But there’s a big wall. / – It’s so hard. I will give you two some time to talk. We’ll stay out of it. Tell him what you want from him. Why don’t you look at him, ma’am? So we should stay out of it, right? He doesn’t like that you’re pessimistic. Do you want to start, sir? Take the courage. She was brave enough to come here. Talk to her. “Honey.” (Glance) Honey, until now… (Oh my!) Honey. I’m sorry that I didn’t express myself well until now. – Oh my. / – That was fast. We never really talked to each other. He talks so well. I hope we can resolve this by talking. Ma’am. Speak as you look at him. (He’s apologizing after 29 years) She’s finally looking at him. Let’s not interfere. (Will they be able to tear down the wall?) (It’s not easy for her to begin) – Honey. / – That’s great. (The first step to tearing down the wall of 29 years) I hope you put into action what you said here today. I do admit what I did was wrong. I’ll be good to you, too. “I love you.” That’s too out of the blue. They do love each other. Look at each other. He’s looking at you. Let’s love each other now. He’s still looking at you, ma’am. (Glance) Please look at him. He should be the one to open up to her first. Please answer her. I love you. (I love you, I love you) He’s a romantic. He knows how to say it. I think he was being cold on purpose. Let’s get this ball rolling. Sir. Why don’t you say a word to your daughter? (No, no) It may feel awkward, but you have to do it. Tell your kids to go sleep somewhere else tonight. What? Go sleep at your grandmother’s place. Sir. Call out your daughter’s name. Be sweet. (Glance) Sumi, I love you. – Look at him. / – Your son now. Call out his name. Siyeong, I love you. He is able to express love. (Getting loved by Dad for the first time) (They look very awkward) (But he’s expressing his love) (As best as he can for the first time) Call out to your father, son. He called your name with love. Dad! Let’s travel a lot from now on. Okay. Daughter. Why don’t you say something? He just didn’t know how to do it. No one taught him how to show love. He couldn’t do it on his own. That’s why he was bad at expressing his love. He was actually very lonely and suffering all by himself. That’s how he has lived his life. Reach out to him. She holds a built-up grudge inside her. Of course. Someone has to open up first. Dad. I’ll do my best to be good to you. So please be good to mom. All right. (Please remember each other’s sincerity) (And do not shed tears anymore…) I’m sure you all felt this way. He told us earlier that his dad passed away early and his mom raised them. That was a big event in his life. You telling him his mom taught him wrong really broke his heart. It feels like you were trying to put yourself above him. Maybe that’s what suppressed him. I hope you live happily from now on for your kids’ sake. You have to be good to your wife or you won’t be able to get a meal from her. You must see the big picture here. That’s why I think it’s a concern. Be understanding of each other. I hope you live happily from now on. I think you two need to talk to each other more, so I think it’s a concern. You never knew how to express your feelings. I don’t want to think that this is a concern. If you think it is a concern, please press the button! (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. Can you come up and hold her hand? She won’t refuse this time. Come only if you want to. If not, you don’t have to do it. (I’m coming) (He’s a romantic!) It was nice that she was willing to accept your mom, but you liked her looks, too, right? – No? / – She was beautiful. She was beautiful. Of course. She is beautiful even now. Call out to her, please. “Honey.” Honey. (One step closer) I love you, honey. (They now see their true feelings for each other) (Why did it take 29 years to see it?) (Please live happily from now on!) How many votes did they get? Please show us the result. (Announcing the result) The winner currently has 137 votes. (Will they get more than 137 votes?) If they get 142 votes… (What is the result?) (They got 152 votes) Please give them a round of applause. (We hope you become a happy family!) She’s asking us to save a girl in crisis. She’s asking for our help. Hello. (Okhui) I’m a 17-year-old high school student. I have a younger sister who has big eyes, is pretty, and acts cute. But! But! I think I lost this sister. The person next to me now is… “Soyeon, let’s eat.” “What? Mind your own business!” Now that she’s 11 years old, she gets aggravated and she has started to get ugly. This is all because of games. She plays games for 5-6 hours every day. Sometimes, she plays for 11 hours straight. The problem is that when she’s playing, “Oh, frick! I died again! Die! All of you, just die!” How can such a young girl cuss like that? This is more concerning. “Mom! Stop her!” “She says she’ll stop playing after this. Just let her be.” “She won’t listen to us anyway. It’s her life. Let her be.” My parents won’t stop my sister either. I can’t handle this by myself anymore. Please stop my sister. (Please stop my sister) What do you think of this concern, Sejeong? I think every kid is like this at this age. She plays games for so long though. But the problem is that she cusses. The vocabulary that she uses is the problem. I’ve seen many friends like her, so I don’t think it’s a concern so far. She’s concerned about her sister… I think Kyubok thought of what to say, too. I think he’s thought of his answer. How did you know? You have to speak up. I’m glad she noticed it. What were you going to say? I used to play games for 12 hours, too. I don’t think it’s a serious problem. He already thinks it’s not a concern. (The problem is solved already?) (I did a good job, right?) Let’s see how serious the concern is. Let’s bring her out. Please come on out. (Who’s concerned about her game-addicted sister?) (Kim Nahyeon) What game is your sister into? My sister is only 11 years old. She is addicted to mobile games and she plays 5-6 hours every day. On weekends, she plays for 11 hours. (That’s too much) She is so immersed in the game that I have to bring her food for her to eat. You have to bring her food. She also watches video clips about games. She watches it “hecka” much. She’s using new words. “Hecka” means “excessively,” right? Right. (Oh, that’s what it means) You said your sister became ugly. What do you mean by that? Do you know who Moon Mason is? Yes, sure. My sister was so cute, like Moon Mason. But now that she plays games too much, her vision has gotten worse. It used to be 1.0, but now it’s only 0.1. It got bad very quickly. Her eyes look small when she has glasses on. That’s why she looks ugly now. What about her height? Fourth graders are usually 140 cm tall. Sure, that sounds about right. My sister is only 125 cm tall. She’s short for a fourth grader. Is it because she doesn’t eat much? Maybe she didn’t get enough sleep. Kids who don’t sleep enough don’t grow much. Right. High school students have a lot of homework to do. One day, my sister was installing a game and deleted my homework. Homework you worked so hard on? (Oh my god) – So… / – Oh my god. I had to hand in the homework the next day, so I worked on it again all night. Your parents don’t intervene at all? No, not at all. That’s the biggest problem. – Your parents don’t stop her? / – No. Why not? They should yell at her for playing games until late at night. It’s because my sister is so cute. That’s understandable. Is there something you did to help your sister? I thought she was seriously addicted, so I looked up a game addiction center. They told her that she is addicted to games. I took her in for treatment for a month. (This is a serious problem) Let’s meet her sister. Let’s meet her. If she’s that cute, I’ll forgive her. If not, I won’t forgive her. Hi, sister. Hi. (Who is the sister) (Who is addicted to playing games?) Hi, sister. Hi. – Hello. / – I forgive you. How cute. – Hello. / – I forgive you. How cute. (Has a father’s smile) Please introduce yourself. I’m Kim Soyeon and I’m 11 years old. – Wow. Kim Soyeon. / – She’s so cute. How did you feel when your sister wrote to us? I said that I would come to the shoot because I wanted to come to Seoul. (You wanted to see Seoul?) You’re here to see Seoul? My family speaks in Seoul dialect, but I am the only one who speaks in Busan dialect. Can you speak in Seoul dialect now? No, not yet. (How cute) I’ve only been here for a day, so I can’t speak in Seoul dialect. – She’s so cute. / – She’s really cute. I can understand now that I’ve met her. – I can’t yell at her. / – She’s really cute. Do you understand your sister’s concern? Yes. She keeps telling me that I’m seriously addicted and that I play games too much. (Then why won’t you change?) Do you really think your eyes became smaller and you became ugly like your sister said? My sister told me that my eyes covered two-thirds of my face when I was in the incubator. Your eyes? When you were in an incubator? I think my eyes have gotten a bit smaller now. You don’t think you’ve become ugly now? I don’t want to say that myself. Do you think you were prettier back then or not? I think I was prettier back then. She’s not old enough for a “back then.” Let’s look at her old pictures and see. Please show us. (How cute) Your eyes are sparkling. – How cute. / – You were really cute. – Oh my. / – You’re so much cuter here. How cute. Your eyes were really big. Your eyes are indeed smaller now. Playing games makes your eyes small? Oh my. Are you shorter than average in class? Many of my classmates are short. Aren’t you numbered by your height? I am the shortest one in class. But the second shortest one’s only 0.001cm taller. The second shortest one. (Hahaha) (She’s so cute) She’s so cute. I’m melting. – She’s so charming. / – She melts my heart. When her sister was talking earlier, I was studying her face. She admitted that everything was true. (She plays games for too long) (Yes, I admit it!) (She’s addicted to playing games) (Yes, I admit it!) You know it and you admit it, right? Yes. Do you want to change your behavior? Yes, but it’s not easy. Right, it’s not easy. Do you like playing games that much? I’m falling in love with her charm. Are you good? I have to get to level 90 to finish the game. I still have a long way to go. You’re playing 11 hours a day to get to level 90? I think my sister was exaggerating. What? She says she doesn’t play that long. Oh gee. She plays for 5-6 hours, but thinks that she only played for an hour. She thinks she only played for an hour? That’s understandable. So we brought in proof. We’ll talk after we watch this. (A video that her sister filmed) Your sister filmed this. Soyeon, you don’t know that you’re being filmed. (What time is it now?) (11:52 p.m.) It’s almost midnight. Oh, crap. Oh, crap. (She starts to cuss) That’s… She can’t grow tall if she sleeps that late. She started playing at 3:18 p.m. (Immersed in playing games) (6:44 p.m.) She’s been playing for 3.5 hours. She doesn’t even eat? (11:22 p.m. / Until late at night!) She’s been playing for 8 hours? – It’s shocking. / – 8 hours is too long. You look completely different in that video. Right. Did you know that you played for 8 hours? No, because I was too immersed in the game. Do you admit that you played too much? – Yes. / – She admits to everything. She admits to it right away. Where did you learn to cuss? All of my classmates cuss like that. Older students cuss like that, too. Oh, at school. My parents also sometimes cuss when they get angry. (Oh my) Why do you cuss while you’re playing games? There’s a character called a medic. If that medic dies, I can’t play anymore. So I get frustrated. That’s why I use the F-word and the B-word. Oh, my! Let’s play “Guess The Word” now. I didn’t want to say the full words. You’re playing games all night long, but your sister has to study, right? So I kept the volume low and went to another room. I think she’s being too sensitive. She keeps telling me that I’m being too noisy. She’s past her middle school angst now. So I figured she has high school angst now. (Oh gee…) Oh gee. She’s saying that her sister is too sensitive. Why do you say that your sister is too sensitive? I turned down the volume to the minimum, but I think my sister’s hearing is too good. She yells at me. “It’s too noisy!” I got scared. Does your sister hit you? She smacked my back and grabbed my hair. (She bursts into tears) She’s still a baby. Why did you make her cry? How can she cry like that all of a sudden? She must’ve been quite upset. Did you smack her that hard? Since my parents don’t intervene, I stepped up to teach her. Oh gee. Did you hit her on the head? So it was a slap. On her face? No, on her back. She’s smiling. Your sister said that it was to teach you. Did it hurt that much? Yes. Either way, Soyeon has no intention of quitting her games right now. (I love playing games) Let’s meet their dad. Hello. Hello. – Your microphone. / – Hello. Your eldest daughter is here with the concern. Do you understand her concern? I think all kids her age play games. So I don’t quite understand. (What?) If I were her dad, I’d think it was a concern. Well… Just because I care doesn’t mean she’ll change her ways. (Is he really her dad?) You’re her dad. You should care. (This is why it’s a concern) But if she plays 8 hours at a time, shouldn’t you yell at her and stop her? Well, if I intervene, I thought it’d aggravate and hurt her. I’m afraid I would stress her out. Are you her game opponent in the other room? No, I play a different game. What? – You play games, too? / – A different game. I used to play card games. Card games are fun. Now, I’ve moved onto a larger scale. I’ve connected the gaming system to my TV and I usually play against other people. I usually play fighting or shooting games. He can’t stop her because he plays, too. (This is why I’m concerned…) When a person is addicted to playing games, they show symptoms when they can’t play. How does she usually react when you stop her? She cusses when she plays games and sometimes she cusses at us, too. Did she cuss at you, too? Yes, she cusses at me, too. She’s admitting to everything. She admits it. When I took her cell phone, she said, “Don’t mind my business, darn it.” “Don’t mind my business, darn it.” To her own dad? (It’s hard to believe) (That an 11-year-old uses these words) It’s so hard to believe. You just let her cuss? You must’ve been shocked. Shouldn’t you have scolded her for that? Well, kids these days seem to cuss a lot. (Oh my) And I got used to hearing it after a while. (What kind of nonsense is that?) – You heard it many times? / – That’s wrong! I’m sure she’ll stop someday. She changed after she started to play games. Right. It’s because of the games. Right. She’s doing it because others are doing it. So I just laughed it off. Maybe I was wrong to do so. (The source of the concern is the dad!) My dad is addicted to games, too. He plays 3-4 hours every day. On weekends, if he has free time, he plays 5-6 hours. So they both play games? Dad plays on the TV and she plays on the computer. Your house is an internet cafe. Doesn’t your mom get mad? She’s already given up. She gave up. Kids are a reflection of their parents. Shouldn’t you change to set an example? I can’t lie to my kids. I know that I can’t quit playing games. So I can’t lie to them and say that I will quit playing for them. I even got rid of her smartphone and got her a regular cell phone. Now she uses her mom’s phone and does live streams on YouTube. What? She does live streams online? Yes. She plays with silly putty slime for an hour. Are you promoting her show right now? No. She only has 42 subscribers. She gets comments from the subscribers and as she hosts the program, she also responds to them. This one guy asked her out on a date in a comment. You know that that’s dangerous, right? Well, it seems wrong, but I don’t know what’s so bad about it. She doesn’t seem to mind those comments. She just calls them psychos. I think her dad is being too nonchalant. Your daughter is playing for 8 hours at a time and cusses because she learned from you. You must set an example for your daughter, who’s going down the wrong path. Right. You have to quit playing games. I can’t lie to them. I can’t make empty promises that I’ll quit. I think that’s worse. You don’t want to lie to your children? Aren’t you able to control how much you play? For your own children? I must finish what I’ve started. – This is bad. / – Let me ask Soyeon. Are you addicted to playing games because of your dad? (Is it because of me?) I started because I was bored. My sister is always too busy studying to play with me. Dad is always busy playing games. Mom is busy doing house chores and cooking. That’s why I play games. (No one knew how Soyeon felt) I feel bad that I can’t hang out with her, but I’m in high school now. If I had free time, I would go out. Of course you’re always busy. Will you stop playing games if your parents spend more time with you? Yes! Really? There was a simple solution all along? Then her father is the problem here. She’s very smart. She knows that her dad will never stop playing. She knows that dad can’t let go of the games. Soyeon won’t play games if you hang out with her. Like I said earlier, I know that I can’t quit. So I can’t make that promise. But you’re her father! (Please edit this part out) You could at least try. Maybe you could reduce the hours you play. Set aside some time to spend with her. To be honest, it’s not fun hanging out with her. Of course you don’t spend time with them just for fun. He’s too immature. He’s too honest. Who thinks it’s so much fun to hang out with their kids that they want to play over and over? She’s too stubborn and only wants to play the same game 100 times. It drives me crazy. I want to try new games, but she doesn’t. Your father is a peculiar guy. You could try something else. You could take her out and do outdoor activities. When my eldest daughter was in middle school, we would go out on weekends. But now that she’s in high school, we can’t. We’re always focused on her schedule, so there’s no time to do anything else. So I wanted to look for something fun to do and started to play games 2 years ago. Did you know that your friend plays games so much? No, I didn’t know. This is very inappropriate. He should be reading books instead. I can’t understand why he does that. My son started to play games in middle school. Soyeon is much younger. He should realize that it’s harder for kids to quit when they get older. (Having mixed feelings) After listening to Soyeon’s side, I don’t think she’s addicted to games. I think she’s more lonely than anything else. I’m not the talkative type at home, but I’ll try to change. I don’t know how it will turn out though. Even an adult who can fully control himself says that he can’t stop. Isn’t asking an 11-year-old to change her behavior too excessive? Even her own father, an adult, says that he can’t quit. He says he doesn’t think he can do it. Then what can we say to this child? If a father who loves her says that, what can we as strangers tell her? (Oh gee…) I was the same when I was young. I played games for many hours. I was able to quit thanks to my parents. My parents love music, so they took me to concerts and karaoke rooms. That’s nice. It’s fun to go see performances. So I got interested in music and now I don’t play games at all. I think a kid can change a lot depending on how much effort parents make. What do you want to do the most with your dad? What do you want to do the most? Jump rope and riding a bicycle. I still can’t ride without training wheels. Not yet? You’re in fourth grade. Start by teaching her how to ride a bike. You know how to ride a bike, right? I used to ride a motorcycle. (Bragging about himself) How could he brag about that in front of his kids? Soyeon said that she needs training wheels and Nahyeon said she needs them, too. You can’t ride a bike yet? I can’t ride it without training wheels. Teach them how to ride a bike first so that they can ride it with their friends. What would you prefer? Your dad giving you $50 to play games or riding a bike with him? – Riding a bike. / – Right? (Touched) Once I spend $50, I can’t get it back. But I can ride a bike every day. I don’t want $1,000 either. I just want to spend time with my dad. She just wants to be with her dad. She’s in tears as she speaks. She truly misses her dad. She’s playing games out of loneliness. Nahyeon came here with her concern, but Soyeon was the one with a bigger concern. She needs love from her father. What would you like to say to your dad? Play games just for 2 hours. Please. On one condition. Don’t nag at me or bother me while I play games. Then how many hours will you play per day? Just one hour a day. Really? (Yes!) In that case, you can play for only one hour, too! – Promise? / – Okay! (Problem solved) That’s great! That’d be the best. We’ll start with Tak Jaehun. – It’s a concern? / – It’s a concern. I don’t think it’s a concern. I don’t think it’s a concern. I don’t think it’s a concern. There is a program that automatically shuts off the computer after an hour. Install that program and only play for an hour a day. Press the button if you think it’s a concern. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Until you two get married, I’ll do my best to be a great dad. I love you. (I love you too, dad) He’s such a great dad. Why don’t you say a word to your sister, too? Thank you so much for bringing me here today so that I won’t play games too much anymore. I will do my best to play for an hour a day only. Promise not to cuss. I promise that I won’t cuss anymore. She’s so cute. Please show us the result. (Announcing the result) That was the girl in a crisis? (They’ve escaped the crisis now) 84 votes. “Relieve My Grudge!” won this week. This is a reward to cheer you up. Congratulations. Until the day we are all worry-free… Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you. Thank you. (“DaDaDa” by Hong Kyungmin)

100 thoughts on “Guests:Tak Jaehun,Lee Jihye,Gugudan’s Nayoung&Sejeong,Lee Kyubok[Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.07.30]

  1. Ugh 😑😤😈😈😈the second concern pissed me off so bad ugh and I cried so much like so many onions cuttings

  2. U will find yourself homeless with your pet in an African home.with the 1st not your house so u don't get to bring anything u want in..just cos u like it..Get your own place and then u can even raise a snake if u want

  3. Seriously, if you want a pet just because it looks cute without taking any of its responsibility then please don't even think of adopting a pet. One of the MCs should have mentioned it.

  4. When the second man said that he didn't marry his wife because he loved her… sigh

    Also, I'm curious. Wouldn't the other church members see this episode?

  5. The married couple tho… they truly hate each other. I don't understand why korea sees divorce as something bad, clearly they would be so much better and happy if they separated, even their KIDS are telling them to divorce, yet the hosts are saying they love each other and telling the wife to tell him "i love you" when even the husband himself said he didnt marry her because he loved her… the whole thing is a mess and 29 years of anger wont lead you anywhere good or resolve this, they should really just divorce…

  6. Honestly. I feel like the hosts didn't listen to the daughter from the first concern at all. They were constantly just attacking her. The also just took the mother's side blindly. Screaming and kicking an animal is wrong, even if done unintentionally (like the little brother did). If I was her, my first reaction would've been pretty similar to what she did. And yes, you have to be careful when you have an animal with you. You can't control what they do. So the little sister's poster excuse was utterly ridiculous. As far as responsibility is concerned. Yes, this girl is extremely irresponsible and un uninformed (very sweet tho) . Maybe if she did start taking care of the rabbit better, her mother wouldn't worry about kicking it out.
    Well the mother did get what she wanted from her so yay.


  8. The second concern felt so forced……it was as if the father was pushed into saying things that he didn't really want to say. And the hugs between him and his children- they were too awkward to watch! It was clear from their expressions that they all felt every cringey as we have imagined! I don't think the problem was solved at all, and the mother knows it too!

  9. The second concern wasn't solver at all and the mom knows it too, they should consider divorce a decade ago

  10. It made me kinda upset to see that the first girl didn't even know the basics of what a rabbit needs and put the responsibility on everybody else.. For example, when they complaint about him chewing the cables, maybe that's because they haven't given him a wood stick to chew on? Rabbits need to wear out their teeth, otherwise they never stop growing and they can eventually go into their brain and kill them. I mean, I don't even own a rabbit but that's just the basics, you shouldn't own an animal if you don't even know what it needs to stay ALIVE in the first place?

  11. In the first concern a mother is pleading her daughter to raise the pet rabbit in the balcony. In the second concern a woman’s loveless marriage is on the line as her husband is too mean to her whilst being kind to other people. In the third concern a 17 year old girl is concerned for her sisters health due to her addiction to online games.

  12. The second concern is way too aggravating.It's both of their fault,could have been resolved by talking.

  13. Why is divorce the only thing I’m reading in the thread. Yes it is frustrating to see, but the fact that she brought her concern to the show, shows that she’s still willing to give their marriage a chance. The husband obviously didn’t read the Corinthians chapters in the bible as it states that he he should love his wife as Jesus loved the church and gave his life for her.
    He is a deacon so i implore him to.

    Marriage is never about convenience and they witnessed it firsthand. They were both wrong and they both need to work on it. The husband would not have come on National tele if he didnt want to. No one forced him, so i can only guess he wanted to blow life into their whithered marriage.
    Can we please stop screaming divorce when turbulations come, especially when there was no abuse or cheating involved?
    They dont need divorce, but counseling.

  14. The second one is a reaaaal problem and i felt the ending was too fake… hope theres a happy update on it

  15. 11 years old cusses in Korea is a big shock, while in America have the 9 years old girl who flexes and no one gives a shit!

  16. Although my first reaction was “Divorce”, the wife is still willing to try and fix the marriage. The man is also making an effort now that he’s heard from his family. Lack of communication is the real problem here. I think they can work it out between themselves if they talked their problems out. Seems like there’s just a lot of resentment between the family members. The mother and children upset that they’re not receiving their father’s love and father upset nobody is on his side. Think it’s a bit rash to jump into the divorce option without trying the communicating option. I truly hope they can sort it out after this show.

  17. Divorce is the only sulotion for the second couple, I am sorry but if it didn't work for 29 years then it's not gonna work now.

  18. 1:05:37 At first, I was like: she's not that cute tho
    But here, the way she laughing 😍😍 It's co cuute, really 😍😍

  19. rabbitscan be poty trained also you need to buy them toys to chew on if u don't want ur cables to be destroyed and they need a cage to sleep in so they can be more comfy and feel safer when they sleep also you need to vacume your house at least once a day to avoid flying fur everywhere but i guess this terrible owner doesn't know what respocibility means

  20. It’s official I’m in love with Lee kyubok ❤️❤️ but the second concern got me in my feelings 😭😭😭

  21. the last one warmed me so much c:
    but still, I'm concerned over the fact that people value someone's looks so much……

  22. I'm sorry, but the second concern makes me furious. It's 100% emotional abuse. I've been through it, although for a much shorter time. He literally admitted all the things his wife said were true, that he didn't marry her for love, that he's nice to everyone except his wife and kids, he's blaming his wife for everything, taking her for granted, not talking to her and the kids, and being concerned over his reputation rather than for her. Sure, he choked up a little, like, that one time when he was talking to the kids, but honestly to me it seems like everything at the end where he apologises to his wife, says he loves her and hugs her and the kids is a giant fucking facade to save face. This isn't something you can fix, and honestly my skin crawled when he touched his daughter and wife, because his daughter clearly didn't want to, and the wife was only doing it for the kids. I usually love the hosts, but I'm really angry this time. I get that they need to make good tv and follow the script, and that the premise of the show is solving problems. But in this case, the only solution I can see is a divorce and shitloads of therapy on all ends.

  23. Me: living the only child life and is unbothered.
    Me: sees the super cute little sister.

  24. I've raised a bunny for 10 years and I adopted a new one 8 months ago, so I know a lot about them. Sleeping next to their poop and pee is extremely unhealthy and can cause serious illnesses. If you're interested in raising a pet, you must do it the right way and clean after it despite being bothersome and tiring. The girl should also consider getting a cage for Andre. She can keep him in there for a few hours and let him free when she has a lot of time to take care of him.

  25. srsly her mom dsnt know how to handle her and the daughter is super inconsiderate.. we once got a rabbit for my sis, my mom got fed up with it and threatened my sis that she would throw it off the balcony😂 that same day my sister gave it to some one and that rabbit is living happily… HER MOM SHOULD BE STRICT OR JUST GIVE IT AWAY

  26. the rabbit looks so much like Han Jisung i cant concentrate on anything else

  27. The second concern reminded me so much of my family, and as the daughter I can understand that daughter too; my parents got divorced a long time ago but they still keep on badmouthing each other and it's so annoying to me and to my brother. At least she had her brother by her side; 12 years after the divorce I still can't talk normally with my brother and it's heartbreaking and really sad though

  28. Am I the only one who's scared of rabbits ( and most animals)?! They are cute but they scare the hell out of me!

  29. Seriously on the last concern, the little girl might be lonely but she definitely knows how to use her cuteness to get the right reaction. Everything she said everyone was like awww that cute or she's cute. She's 11 and knows just as many cuss words as her parents. She's flat out addicted to games and her parents need guidance instead of leaving it up to the oldest to teach her right from wrong. I feel like some of these people just have a TV personality complex or something.

  30. People are saying he didn’t love her, at first he didn’t but then he had kids with her. I think since his father passed when he was an early age, he never had a father figure to learn how to love his family like a father and husband

  31. Ads is cool but that much ad in a video? Damn…the most ads I've ever seen in a video

  32. i hate it when people are more lenient/forgiving on someone, be it kid or adult, cuz they're pretty or cute. are you freakin' kidding me?! it might have been a jk on Tak Jae Hoon's part but this actually happens a lot on this show and it irritates me.

  33. I understand that humour is needed in this show but sometimes it’s not like with the 2nd concern I didn’t find funny at all and the fact that they were laughing when he got her birthday wrong was very upsetting imagine being married for 29 years and your husband doesn’t know your birthday man that must be heartbreaking and also these host are not qualified enough to understand that they are both depressed and suffering from emotional and mental abuse that’s why I think they should have a professional who is qualified for situations likes these so that it can help them see and overcome their problems and I personal think they need and SHOULD get a divorce

  34. The couple in the second concern need to meet up with a professional counselor. If it's still not working for them, well, divorce is the best way. By the way, their ending is too fake. The wife didn't have the feeling to hug her husband, yet these hosts… Urgh, i want to yell at them for real

  35. Some married couples if they can’t divorce they just better not live together. She has her children she can live with them

  36. It's really fucking gross that they're putting a 4th grader on the spot about her fucking appearance. She actually said "I was prettier before" like what the fuck? She is a CHILD. This world is gross.

  37. i just came here coz of sejeong and nayoung but seriously this show is good i wanna watch more

  38. Wow sister on 3rd concern really like me. But i am worse 😅 i am addicted to game, anime and manga.when high school I play games from 5 pm to 5 am. i rarely sleep at night. I sleep on class. Fortunately my grade is good. I am part of top 10. Addicted is really hard to be cured. No i am 24. Last day i sleep 4 am cause read manga. Although i must go work on 8 am 😅.

  39. I'm soooooo upset to the second and third concern. Oh my gosh the second concern should devorce because his husband is a 😑 sigh how can he say that he didn't love her and the third concern is not even cute. For her age shouldn't play that so many hours. Whats happening in the world😥

  40. In the second concern…the wife and the husband they both are very…idk they just complain on each other and I think it’s better if they divorce

  41. I’m three years older than the little girl in the last concern and I can relate even thought I don’t pay for 11 hours I am a bit addicted but I guess it will change when she becomes older…

  42. Hey can you explain to me what is the unit of mina whats the unit on gugudan why is there units. I’m not a fan but Im curious! :))

  43. I just fall in love with tak jae hoon character after watching mom's diary. He is funny . I didnt know before but i like him more and more now.

  44. I am glad I'm able to control myself when it comes to my cat. During the first few weeks of every semester living in a dorm away from home, all I could think about was my cat, I would call my mom and tell her how much I missed my cat and that I want to go home already to see him. But now, it's been 2-3 months so I'm used to it. Looking forward on next semester lol.

  45. 2020
    GOD Sejeong is really a great listener she's able to give good advice or comments in every situation.. Her facial expressions is precious…

  46. So, the man goes to church, even is a deacon and treats everyone else nice but treats his own family like crap (except for his mother)… what a hypocrite!!

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