How To Use The Law Of Attraction 17 Second Rule / Powerful Manifesting

hi this is Eyvette from my world of
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attraction 17 second rule yes that famous 17 second rule
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so let’s get started now what is that famous 17 second rule that everyone is
talking about this is an idea that came for many people but lately the most
famous is Jerry and Esther Hicks or better known as Abraham Hicks they talk
about a 17 second rule in which you need to focus your attention on your desires
to manifest it into your reality now how is that done because a lot of times we
don’t really know the correct way of doing this to bring about our desires
now I’m going to give you step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to
bring your manifestations into physical form okay now just to get started
remember the law of attraction is something that is okay please remember
that the law of attraction is something that is it’s not something that we just
set out to do it’s just like gravity we don’t think that we’re doing gravity
gravity is just is it is is a universal law never created never destroyed it’s
just there so it’s the same thing with the law of attraction
you guys got to realize it’s functioning its operating if you
like it or not but as deliberate creators we are trying to manifest
whatever it is that we want in our lives the first thing that I want you to know
is that all that matters is right now right now this second right here that’s
all that matters whatever you are doing right now is what
you are creating in your future okay that’s what they say when they talk
about living in the now you want to live in the now because what you doing right
now what you thinking what you’re saying what you’re writing what you believe
what your habits are it’s what’s creating your future okay so this is
where the 17-second come in at the visualization the affirmations the
scripting all of that takes place now and it actually programs your
subconscious to actually believe what you’re saying because it doesn’t know
the difference between what is real and what is imagined so this works to our
benefit it really does because what it is we don’t have we can visualize feel
it and bring it about now how do you do the 17 second rule or the 17 second
technique now the first thing that I would like to tell you to do is that
whatever you doing you have to get into a relaxed state you can’t walk around
thinking about a million things and thinking that you’re going to manifest
what you want in your life the correct way listen we have to find time to free
our minds to lie down or sit down and think of what it is that we want now the
first thing I would like to tell you to do is to relax okay you can do that by
sitting lying down but if you do decide to lie down please be disciplined and
not fall asleep I want you to get relaxed but I do not want you to fall
asleep okay now step number two what we’re going to
do is that you’re going to come up with that mind movie that visualization that
represents exactly what it is that you want okay if you want that job you’re
gonna come up with that scene that quick scene that indicates that your dreams
are already fulfilled okay so now once you have that scene and your and your
line and you’re comfortable either sitting or lying down I want you to
start taking some deep breaths in and out in and out the reason you’re gonna
take these breaths is because it’s going to relax you it’s going to put you in
that state where you know you mean business okay now once you do that
you’re going to visualize that scene you’re going to visualize that scene and
then actually jump in it and be that person now there’s so many ways to
visualize you can visualize as a third person you can visualize as being the
actual person I tend to do both okay but for this exercise we’re going to
visualize ourselves as being in our mind movie now once you’re in there I want
you to put your senses in there I want you to feel I want you to taste to smell
to see as if you are actually having this experience in physical form now one
of the things that is most important about the 17 second rule is once you
have your mind movie you’re in it you’re using your senses the main thing that’s
going to help you manifest this even faster is when you put your feelings in
that mind movie how would you feel if you want a million dollars what would
you be doing if you want a million dollars
who would you be talking to if this was so how would you feel
I know I know how I would feel okay so the thing is feelings is what gets you
there it’s the actual stamp on your visualization on your mind movie on your
seventeen second technique that’s going to propel you forward you’re gonna do
this for seventeen seconds with your feelings in it and then you’re gonna
stop you’re not gonna move you’re not gonna get up you’re not gonna do
anything else you’re then going to do it over this time putting more feelings in
it making it more real than what it was the first time you’re gonna do this four
times until you reach that 68 second cycle which is four times 17 times four
is 68 at that point you’re going to get up and you’re going to let it go now
when will it manifest immediately the next day the next week the next month
everyone is different and every situation is different so the test is
how long can you wait into it manifests it might be tomorrow then again it might
be next year but when you start doubting and fearing and worrying that’s when you
push everything away let’s go through this again deceptor seventeen second
technique you’re gonna be comfortable sitting straight always sit straight up
everyone try to sit straight okay and you’re going to either sit or lie if
you’re lying down please do not fall asleep
you’re gonna already have your mind movie meeting what you’re going to
visualize for those seventeen seconds before you visualize you’re going to
take breaths deep breaths in and out to get relaxed to bring in that
life force that you need to create the reality that you want to manifest after
that you’re going to take that mind movie that you already created and
you’re gonna put it into play once you see your mind movie you’re going to jump
in that mind movie and you’re going to become an active participant you are
going to be that person in that movie what are you doing how are you feeling
what are you tasting what are you seeing what are you feeling whatever it is you
need to do to make it as real as possible that is what you do the most
important thing that you need to know is that you have to incorporate your
feelings in this whole thing without your feelings you’re really not going
anywhere that’s why a lot of people manifest negative things faster than
positive things because when something happens bad all the feelings are in
there so we’re going to put those feelings in there but they’re gonna be
happy feelings if you need something to come up with the feelings then think of
something in the past that made you very happy and then take those feelings and
use it in your mind movie okay once you’ve finished with the 17 seconds
you’re going to do it over again this time with more feelings being more happy
and with gratitude that your wish is already completed how many times you’re
going to do this you’re going to do this for 17 seconds four times yes four times
in that in that time you’re going to build up all the energy the happiness
the excitement whatever it is each time you’re going to build it up more and
more and more the emotions is what gets you there
if you follow the 17 second rule I am sure you’re going to manifest whatever
it is you want in your life into your reality if you want that car if you want
that home this is what I would do if I wanted something right now okay
there’s some other things that I usually do but visualization people is what’s
going to get you there you just have to know what to do and how to do it listen
this is Eyvette from my world of metaphysics bringing you another law of
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  10. This is Yvette of my world of metaphysics, bringing you another law of attraction metaphysical lesson

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