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Hello. In this video I’m going to talk about money
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their scarcity mindset and have it all. Today I’m talking about money manifestation,
and the reason this is so amazing and exciting for me is because I grew up really poor. I grew up in government housing, we used food
stamps when I was little. I remember being so embarrassed when my mom
would pull the food stamps and kids were so curious. They’d be like, “Mom, that’s not money. What’s that?” And then everyone would get all awkward. I remember being eight and feeling so uncomfortable. So I had just accepted the fact. I was like, “Oh, we’re poor. Anytime I want something, we can’t afford
it. It’s too expensive. There’s not enough.” So I grew up with this like, “Oh my God, money
is the answer to my problems and I don’t have any money. So I will always have problems.” And if you’re new to my channel, my name is
Lani and I have helped thousands of women all over the world create money manifestation
using these techniques that I’m going to share with you today. I had women make 12,000 Euro in two day, and
this was a woman who was so scarce, so cheap, so afraid of money, and then bam, we just
broke through the limiting beliefs. I’ve had another client make 15,000 pound
in the first 17 days of a month. She wasn’t even working when she started using
these strategies because she was so overwhelmed and exhausted and afraid of money. I’ve never ever had a woman use these strategies
and shift her mindset and then not have it affect money. So we love to act like, “Oh, money is so separate
from me. It has nothing to do with my self worth.” And I’m going to completely bust through that
with you today and share with you these huge, incredible, foundational beliefs using the
law of attraction and our mindset to create some money manifestation. Because let’s get real, we cannot share with
anybody or help or give back or contribute if we don’t have enough ourselves. It’s absolutely impossible. So I’m going to talk about the two biggest
mistakes that poor women make and these ones held me back forever, and we’ll talk about
how to break through them and we’re going to have a fucking awesome time. So the first problem that poor women have
is, and I know because the old Lani was poor and cheap and scarce as fuck. When I was living in Bali, I was so cheap,
I didn’t have a refrigerator for the first four months, and I was teaching yoga and the
owner of the yoga studio was like, “It’s embarrassing. Get a fucking refrigerator.” Because I was bragging about it. Like, “Oh look, I’m so spiritual. I’m teaching yoga in Bali and you don’t have
a refrigerator.” And I was living with rats. I didn’t even know they were rats. They were so big. Literally, I thought they were cats because
I’d hear them walking on the roof at night and then eventually they’d come to the house
and walk over the dishes. So my standards were that low. The biggest mistake, the first biggest mistake
that a poor woman makes is we think that money is the answer and that money will save us. So any time we put in a sentence, “I’ll be
happy when I make more money,” we’re actually using the law of attraction to push money
energy away, because money is just energy. I want you to write that down. And I know that when you’re poor, because
I was really fucking poor a lot of times in my life, many times in my life, I lose everything,
I can’t even tell you how many times I had zero, below zero, had nothing, was like, “I
don’t know how I’m going to pay my rent.” It was like that. I was that broke. It is for when we’re poor and when we’re in
that broken bottom, worthless state, it is so much easier to say, “Oh, if I had money
I would be confident and I wouldn’t be insecure and I would be having all of these opportunities.” We actually push the money manifesting away
by acting like it’s the money’s fault that we’re being lazy or it’s the money’s fault
that we’re afraid of rejection or it’s the money’s fault that we keep self-sabotaging. As soon as I could, and it’s so counterintuitive
because the last thing we want to do is believe in something that we don’t have yet or be
grateful for something we don’t have yet. We come out real selfish. The ego is super selfish and super stingy
and it’s like, “I’m not going to be grateful for that. I’m only going to be nice to you if you’re
nice to me, not just because I want to be.” And that’s the same with money. I was always like, “Oh no, I’m not going to
be grateful for money. I don’t have any fucking money. And it’s all about the money.” It’s so counterintuitive, but sis, if it’s
not working now, if you don’t have all the money you need to spend freely now, then what
you’re doing isn’t working. It seems so counterintuitive to be grateful
for something you don’t have. But when we can zoom out and realize that
money is literally just energy, so money doesn’t have a positive or negative emotion attached
to it. Money is neutral. Money is just money. You attach a positive or a negative emotion
to money. I’m going to say that again. Money has no emotion. It’s neutral. So I’d like to know in the comments which
emotion, which energy have you been attaching to money? Because I used to be like… Even when I got money, there were a lot of
times when I had money, but I was still so afraid of money. So I had a horrible fear based relationship
with money. Money is never going to save us. If money was the enlightened pill, then every
person in Hollywood would be totally enlightened, happy, and fulfilled, and we know that that’s
not the case. I’ve met plenty of wealthy people, super,
super wealthy, who had a fear based relationship with money and it was never enough. If you’re poor it’s like, “Oh, well if I had
a lot of money I’d be happy,” and it’s like, “Okay, well why are there so many rich people
that aren’t happy?” So what I’m getting at is we have to take
away that “I’ll be happy when,” and act we need more to be happy now because if we’re
not happy with what we have, then the money… We’ll never be happy with the money. We either are in a state of gratitude now,
and an understanding that it’s a really easy excuse for society to accept, “Oh I’m poor. I can’t do that.” “Oh yeah, yeah, you’re poor. You can’t get a coach.” Or, “You’re poor. That’s why you’re suffering so bad or that’s
why…” “I’m overweight because I’m poor.” We just blame it. It’s really easy to blame money because it’s
super socially acceptable because we all grew up with this really fear-based… Not all. I should say anybody that I’ve ever helped
to break through these, we grew up with these really fear-based, scarce, “I don’t have enough”
beliefs around money and we act like money is something separate from energy. But we have energy in our soul. If we’re breathing, we have energy. So if we’re breathing, then we can totally
use the law of attraction for positivity and love, and we change our relationship with
money. So go from fear-based, nothing works if we’re
pushing it away, and instead of “I’ll be happy when.” We actually shift it into this state of energy,
a state of emotion, and when I stop acting like money was going to save me, I got off
my ass and started making really good decisions and putting myself out there and I quit procrastinating
because I was like, “If I can’t blame money anymore for being poor…” Money isn’t strapping me down and making me
procrastinate. Money isn’t putting me in the corner and making
me have a negative attitude. So the truth came out. The beans got spilled and the truth came out
that it wasn’t money. Money wasn’t my problem, and more money wasn’t
going to solve my problems. Actually, my problem was I didn’t believe
I was worthy of receiving money. I didn’t have a positive relationship with
myself. I had no self worth. So the second biggest mistake that poor women
make is we say really negative things about money. I’ll just put it out there. So there wasn’t a time when you couldn’t hear
me say, “Oh, I’m so poor. Oh that’s so expensive.” If somebody didn’t pay me in yoga, I told
the whole fucking town, “This person didn’t pay me in yoga.” I thrived off “that’s so expensive.” I used to go out to dinner with my friends
in Bali and bring my own chicken in a Tupperware because I was so fucking cheap I didn’t want
to pay the restaurant to add on chicken because they added on two more dollars, than if I
could’ve bought it myself and cooked it. And I was like, “Oh yeah, look, I’m so awesome. I bring…” And it was like, “Oh my God, I was just so
cheap.” I was so, so cheap and I was so afraid that
there wasn’t enough. And I did grow up times when I felt hungry,
so that was always replaying in my head. It was like, “Remember when there wasn’t enough
food? Oh my God, remember when you asked for this?” In sixth grade I got to pick one pair of shoes
for the whole year because we were so poor, and everyone made fun of me for that. So those memories just… I was this woman in my thirties and just completely
that little girl that was like, “Oh my God, I don’t have enough money.” So I’m going to inspire you to stop right
now. Stop saying things that you don’t want when
you’re connecting to money energy, because we cannot be grateful for what we have now
if we feel resentment for what we have now. You can’t be feeling gratitude and have resentment. So I quit saying it’s expensive. I quit saying I’m broke. That was one that I used all day, and I shared
my money mantra already, but I started saying, I have all the money I need to spend freely. So I’m going to ask you what your new money
mantra is. Maybe it’s I’m rich as fuck. Maybe it’s I have it all. Maybe it’s I’m abundant or I’m a money machine. I make money in my sleep. Money comes to me from unexpected places. My first money mantra was I have all the money
I need to spend freely. And that just took off this… Before it was like, “I’m so broke. That’s so expensive.” So I would be like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe
how many times during the day think it and how many times I say that.” Now you’ll never hear me say, “I am so broke. Oh my God.” You’ll never hear me talking a cheap woman
because I feel really rich. There were points two years ago where I couldn’t
pay my rent, and I had asked my dad for money and I was just like, “Fuck. Oh my God, I have nothing.” And now we have a worldwide business. We’re making an impact. We’re really, really helping women change
their mindset and we are killing it. I mean high five figures, freaking killing
it and it’s almost delirious to me that I was like… I can’t believe I tried so hard for my right
to be broke. It was actually like I was defending it. I put so much energy and so much time and
so much angry emotion into, “Oh I was just poor when I was little. Everyone who has money’s just lucky.” I spent so much time defending my right to
be broke and I was like, “Dude.” When I just stopped doing that, I freed up
so much time to actually start going, “Well why are you procrastinating bitch? You say that you want to make an impact on
this world and contribute back and share with your loved ones,” which is exactly what we
get to do now. We just bought my mom a year of coaching,
which is so beautiful and amazing, because that’s going to trickle into my brother and
the rest of the family. I couldn’t do that or share from such a place
of love when I was like, “There’s not enough for me, my precious.” It’s impossible. The way that I like to picture it is if we’re
starving, you haven’t eaten for a week, you’re starving, you’re sick, you’re fainting, you
think you’re going to die, and you get one piece of bread and someone says, “Oh, aren’t
you going to share that with your loved ones?” It’s like, “No, I’m going to die. I can’t share with anyone else.” So that’s the energy that we come across and
we love to just… “Oh, it’s just because of this,” and list
a million excuses. But my number one intention for this video
is I never saw a woman who was spiritual… My excuse for so long was I’m just a yoga
teacher, or I am just a woman, or I’m not a doctor, or I’m not a lawyer. I had all of these reasons and all of these
stories in my mind. A rich person is a white male who is a doctor. Only women who are lawyers or… I had all of these, “Only this person can
be rich. I am not that person, therefore I can never
be rich.” I didn’t even think about filling the infinite
gaps and the infinite possibilities and bringing a need into the market and actually helping
and getting this transformation. I just saw “that person is better than me. That person is more deserving. I am worthless. I am not that deserving.” So one of my biggest blocks was, “Oh, I’m
spiritual, so I’ll never make money. I’ll never be rich. It’s just my path. I’m so spiritual with how poor I am,” and
I actually fed my ego with that. “Oh, I’m so spiritual. Look how poor am.” And that’s not so spiritual. Always worrying about not having enough money
and being super jealous and cheap with everything, my time, my money, my love, my energy, that
to me is not being spiritual. Living in fear of not having enough isn’t
spiritual. To me, kindness is the basis of spirituality,
and I was not being kind when I was so, so, so afraid of money and so offended and in
such scarcity because it just moved all through my life. I would have loved to tell you that money
was my problem, but I was cheap as fuck with my energy and my love and my kindness. So it didn’t just stop there. It spread everywhere. So that was one of my really big blocks and
I didn’t see women who would freely talk about money because we think it’s so rude. I’d love to hear some of the beliefs that
you have about money. I get so many women, so many clients that
are like, “Oh my God, I thought it was so rude to talk about money.” And I’m like, “Yeah, I know.” But if you say that you love kiwis, kiwi fruit,
and you want more kiwi because they make you so happy and your kids love kiwis or your
mom loved kiwi fruit or your best friend loves kiwis fruit, but you can never talk about
it, you can’t ask anybody how they made it. It’s rude to talk about it. It’s rude to have it. It’s rude to share it. It’s rude to do videos about how much you
love it. how the fuck do you expect to ever have more
Kiwis? So if we could just zoom out and go, “Dude,
it’s not about the money. I actually do this everywhere in my life. So where do I need to be held accountable?” It’s so empowering. I only work with women and the reason why
is because it’s so empowering to be like, “Sis, all we need to do is work on your self
worth.” Because a woman who’s super fucking confident
and a woman who loves herself and you feel her vibe and you feel her queen energy, she
would never walk in a room and be like, “I am so poor. I can’t believe how expensive that is.” That’s not a queen energy. You’d never hear that because it’s a low vibration. It was so freeing for me to be like, “Oh my
God, it’s not about the money. Holy shit. I can ask about it. I can talk about it. Money is just energy. I have a shit ton of energy. Energy is love, love is kindness and excitement. I can do this.” And that changed the game. So if you can take anything from this, it’s
that I didn’t grow up rich, my idea was a white male or only a white woman. I had all these ideas. I’m not any of that. I was poor. My whole life I believed I was poor. We grew up in government housing. I grew up on food stamps there. I was gnarly with food. I didn’t even have enough money for food or
rent. So to sit here and be like, “Anyone can have
this, you want to hit on the money manifesting, all we need to do is change your relationship
with money because it’s an energy, and we do that by healing your self worth and what’s
going on inside.” That is how I stepped over that freaking invisible
wall. I saw a woman who was in spirituality making
a shit ton of money and I was like… I was like, “Oh my God, what do you mean?” It broke my brain. I was like, “She’s doing that. What the fuck?” It was like I just needed to see a woman doing
it who was in the same field as me, who was getting results and actually… I was like, “This is crazy.” It blew my mind. So I was like, “If she can do it, I Seabiscuited
her ass.” You get all in my eyesight and I just fucking
go for it. I was like, “If she can do it, I can do it,”
and within a month and a half we were hitting 20 grand easy a month and then of course we’ve
then gone above and beyond. So if I can do it, anyone can do it, and I’m
really going to inspire you to look at your relationship with money and what it signifies
to you because it’s just an energy. If you are like, “Sis, what the fuck? Because I’ve never heard anybody talk about
money that before and I’m so afraid of money,” you’ve got to come to my live workshop. It’s amazing. It is free. It is live. It is online. All the details are in the link below, so
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the life of your dreams and how to manifest your soulmate. Because yes, you’re worthy. Yes, it is your birthright. I will see you next week.

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